Sunday, January 10, 2021

Twas the Night Before SLIG

Day One. Sunday, January 10, 2021.

I almost got this written before the day began. Cheri posted a cute "One more Sleep before SLIG" meme, and I realized I am missing the sleep part :) But I think that is part of my SLIG tradition.

Don't miss Orientation! Today! 5:00 pm MST. Faculty introductions, important information to make your SLIG experience a positive one, and more. The link is in your very highly organized links directory. We will do our best to make it as fun as it is in person, but sometimes my humor doesn't translate in a virtual environment and I haven't quite figured out how to do a faculty processional across a virtual stage. Still, orientation is where it all begins. 

1.  Meet the Faculty. A student once wrote that coming to SLIG and watching the faculty processional across the stage was "like Disneyland for Genealogists." Indeed, we have amazing faculty every year. 57 of them this year. The best the nation has to offer. We will ask you to turn off your video cams and microphones to help us properly introduce them. Means we won't hear your oohs and aahs, sorry to say, but we will be more likely to get their video cam chiclets to come to the top!

2. Door Prizes. Must be present to win. We will be giving away two of these portable green screens, as well as a handful of other prizes throughout the evening. 

3. Entertainment. Always a surprise item at the end of our reception which follows orientation. This year we have just taken the catered food out of the mix. Bring your own snacks, and enjoy the fun! 

4. Answers: We will try to provide answers to your most commonly asked questions before they come up.  Like where is my participant gift? Yes, there is one. And a story to go with it. How do I submit questions for the FTDNA event? Or win that most coveted door prize of all - early registration for 2022? Is the store still open? And will there be course photos?  

The good news this year? Even those who normally don't check in until Monday should be able to attend. Always looking for the rainbow!

We'll see you soon.


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