Friday, July 10, 2020

The Registration System is Now Open!

Registration opens tomorrow, July 11th, at 11:00 am Mountain Time for the four Virtual courses to be held this fall!

The system is up and ready for you to review your account – or set up a new one if you haven't attended SLIG recently. Just click here.

Right off the bat, you will notice it is now a shared Utah Genealogical Association & Salt Lake Institiute of Genealogy registration site. We are pleased to streamline our efforts. So, while you are logged in to register for SLIG, consider attending the UGA Summit of Excellence as well!

If you need to set up an account, you will find instructions on this page.

If you have attended anytime since Fall 2018, you already have an account. We kindly request that you take a minute to log in to update your account profile information as several changes have taken place.

To do so, please click on "Contact Info" then "Edit Profile."
Please note the following items that need your attention:

  • Name Badge and Certificate Names: The Name Badge field should no longer include postnominals or titles. These are most appropriate to be included on your certificate. While you are reviewing, please also check spelling and capitalization.
  • Dietary Preferences: Your account now maintains valuable information about your dietary preferences. If you attended in 2020, your information was captured from your SLIG registration. Please review and update as needed. "Other" may be used if you have multiple allergies or concerns. It will provide a text box to enter details. These selections will apply to all meals selected with registration (clearly now a 2022 issue, but let's get it all tidied up now).
  • Disability Services: Our accommodations list now requests you to check if you need "Wheelchair or Scooter Access" even if you don't require assistance getting around. This helps us prepare the classroom, and make sure we have a handicapped-accessible shuttle. Closed captioning is now an option that may be checked to notify us of hearing impairments for virtual courses. "Other" provides a text box for multiple services. When applicable, our committee will reach out to confirm your needs and ensure we are prepared to take good care of you.
  • Our Policies: The Privacy Policy and Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct policy have both been slightly modified. We encourage you to read through them again. Of note:
    • Where SLIG was solely listed, we now refer to both UGA and SLIG so the policy may be jointly utilized.
    • Where protection of copyright is addressed, we have specifically added language addressing screen captures of any kind in a virtual environment.
We'll "see" you virtually soon!

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