Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Conference -- Janet Hovorka

Come learn how to visually represent your family data to break down brick walls!

Janet Hovorka -- Magnifying Glass, Wide-angle lens or Telescope? Charts to Visualize Your Family Tree

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Conference -- FamilySearch Team

Come meet with FamilySearch employees one-on-one!

FamilySearch Data Admin Team -- New FamilySearch Tips, Tricks, & Resources
This overview class discusses various aspects of working with new FamilySearch including:  Common mistakes to avoid, using the Help Center, available collaboration tools, GEDCOMs, combining/separating records, claiming legacy, third-party software, and more.  Additional resources for both Church members and Family History Consultants will be discussed so that you are better prepared to navigate New FamilySearch successfully

FamilySearch Data Admin Team -- If New FamilySearch is ‘New’, Why Do We Need Family Tree?
Family Tree is replacing new FamilySearch. Come and see what’s new and what’s different. We will look at the differences in Family Tree and compare the advantages. We will answer questions like, can I edit other people’s contributions, what about relationships, and will sourcing be better? 

FamilySearch Data Admin Team -- “Ask an Admin” (one-on-one consultations)
You’ve probably heard of “Ask an Expert.”  We have something similar for new FamilySearch users, “Ask an Admin.”  Join one of FamilySearch’s experienced data analysts for an individualized, 20-minute consultation to address (and even fix where possible) 1 or 2 data issues, learn tips and tricks to optimize your new FamilySearch experience, or get answers to your questions.  (Please note:   Some data issues require additional research and/or investigation.  In these situations, a Support case may need to be created and the data issue resolved at a later time).

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall Conference -- Devin Ashby

Devin Ashby will give us a great overview of all of the indexing projects and who they are coming along.

Devin Ashby -- Indexing and Publishing the World’s Record
Last year at this time FamilySearch, with partners and, began a joint effort to recruit a volunteer workforce that could index the 1940 US Federal Census in six months. No one knew it could be done and some were outright naysayers, but the genealogical community did it anyway. The largest volunteer transcription crowd sourcing project in history will soon be complete, and when it is, it will call for both a celebration and a question: “What else can the genealogical community accomplish if we work together?” 1940 was just a sample of what is possible. Come and see the statistics. Come and see where we are headed next. Come and see how FamilySearch indexing can provide a way to keep the momentum going.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall Conference -- Dear Myrtle and Carrie Keele

The dynamic mother-daughter duo of DearMyrtle and Carrie Keele are presenting on several tech savvy topics.

DearMYRTLE and Carrie Keele -- Not Your Mother's Genealogy:  Embracing Technology
OK, ready to branch out beyond the limits of your desktop computer?  We'll explore how to manage and share our research from documents, photos and family stories using new and emerging technologies.
(Beginning - Intermediate)

DearMYRTLE and Carrie Keele -- Not Your Mother's Genealogy: 1940 Census: Now that we've got it, what do we do with it?
While Myrt goes the traditional route (saving the image file, attaching it to ancestors in her genealogy program and citing the source) Carrie takes the image, combines with photos and incorporates them into a family reunion tour using custom Google maps.
(Beginning - Intermediate)

DearMYRTLE and Carrie Keele -- Not Your Mother's Genealogy: I have an iPad and I’m not afraid to use it
With over a million apps out there, how about digging into tree apps, organization tools, shortcuts, and tricks from a genealogist's point of view using an iPad and iPhone. Includes the best strategies for reading NGS & FGS digital conference handouts.
(Beginning - Intermediate)

DearMYRTLE and Carrie Keele -- Not Your Mother's Genealogy: Is Social Media a Genealogist’s Tool?
Exploring how to use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to make connections with other researchers and keep up with what’s happening in the world of genealogy. It’s not just what’s for breakfast anymore.
(Beginning - Intermediate)

DearMYRTLE and Carrie Keele -- Not Your Mother's Genealogy: Online Photo Editing
            Explore how to easily edit pictures using free online resources. Achieve professional results without spending                                                  hours learning complex programs.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Conference -- Ginny Ackerson

Ginny Ackerson covers topics from British Research to general research techniques. Don't miss it!

Ginny Ackerson -- Back Door and Rear Window Research Techniques
Trying to climb that brick wall or just banging your head against it? Some sneaky but effective research techniques are presented to help you get through your brick walls.

Ginny Ackerson -- Beginning British Parish Records
This is an introductory class to the records kept by the parishes in England. The value of each type of record and where they can be found will be discussed

Ginny Ackerson -- Records Created at Death
Do you think that death certificates and obituaries are the only records created when someone dies? If so, you are in for a treat with the many records that are available to you. You will learn what records exist and how to access them.

Ginny Ackerson -- It’s About Time
Calendars have changed over the years and most of these changes have affected genealogical research. You will learn where, when and why the calendar changes were made and how to compensate for the changes in your research. Double dating, calculating feast days and liturgical holidays, calculating birth dates from death records and changing dates between calendars will be discussed.

Fall Conference -- Carol Rice

Come learn to tell your family's story with Carol Rice!

Carol Rice -- Getting Started:  Writing a Micro-Story (in class exercise)
A brief hands-on exercise to help participants begin forming a narrative about themselves or a family member. (Beginner to Advanced)

Carol Rice -- Basic Elements and Tips for Creating an Engaging Family History Story
With a sample story written, we will discuss very simple ways to compose a family history story in a way that will be engaging to a majority of readers/listeners.  We will discuss:
            • Finding a theme
            • Gathering Information
            • Sifting the wheat from the chaff
            • Polish
            • Publish (online, in print, video, etc.) 

Carol Rice -- Simple Ways to Use Storytelling With Your Family
We will discuss a variety of ways to incorporate and share stories with family members, whether they are together in a home or extended family members. (Beginner to Advanced)

Carol Rice -- A Few Reasons Why Storytelling Captures Everyone's Attention (Beginner to Advanced)

We will discuss the science of story, how our brains are wired to process important information           through a story narrative.  How narrative captures attention and helps the listener/reader more fully retain the information shared. (Beginner to Advanced)

Carol Rice -- Publishing Workshop
Your stories and history are ready to go.  Before you hire an expensive designer or wade through hours of formatting your book, come learn how easy it is to publish your own book.  This workshop will feature the Cherish|Bound on-line book tool and walk you through every step of publishing your stories. (Beginner to Advanced)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Conference -- Bud Wood

Bud Wood will be presenting some fantastic classes on Ancestral Quest. Come check them out! Register at

Bud Wood -- Ancestral Quest Basics - Parts  1 & 2

A hands-on lab to learn the following:
Downloading software and installing it on your computer
Local Database file – what it is; where to put it
Inputting the first person
Explanations of data fields and their associated formats
Pedigree Screen
Family Screen
Linking my local database file with FamilySearch
      Linking me
      Link and Sync
      Using FamilySearch to add names to the local file
      Selectively import information from FamilySearch
      Sharing information in my local file with FamilySearch

Relationship types
Entering additional names into my local database file
Setting Preferences in Ancestral Quest
    General Tab
    Database Tab
    Prepared by Tab
    Fonts Tab
    Files and Folders Tab
    FamilySearch Tab
    Info Box
Working with the Name List
Working with the Individual Screen

Bud Wood -- Ancestral Quest Tips and Tricks

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall Conference--Barry Ewell

Barry Ewell will be teaching several fantastic classes at the UGA fall conference:

Barry Ewell -- How to Discover Treasures in the Library, Archives and Societies 
Historical societies and city, county, and state libraries have a wealth of digital knowledge, artifacts, and resources to assist in finding your roots.  Learn the ins and outs of working with historical societies and libraries and how they can help your research. (Beginning to Intermediate)

Barry Ewell -- Oral Histories: Learn how to Record, Edit and Use Oral and Audiovisual Interviews
Learn how to effectively prepare, conduct, record, edit, and use oral and audiovisual interviews. The presentation will also review various recording devices, software, and techniques used to edit and manage digital recordings and files.

Barry Ewell -- Genealogy Treasures:  How to Find, Learn, and Share Genealogy -- One Generation to the Next
Two generations of genealogists share their personal experiences on how to conduct, learn, and share genealogy research.  Learn what inspired each generation to begin their journey and how that enthusiasm sparked the next generation. (Beginning to Intermediate)
Barry Ewell  -- The 30 Second Genealogist…How to Find Genealogy Answers You Want Now (MyGenShare)
Find, access, and explore genealogical resources quickly.  Develop, expand, and sharpen your genealogy research skills. Discover clues to trace and explore your family ties.  Quickly identify which record collections to search first. Learn to find and use specific country, state, and county records, and much more… the source for the presentation is (Beginning to Intermediate)

Barry Ewell --No More Guessing, Secure Your Computer and Data in Ten Easy Steps
Learn how to secure your computer and data from security ills that face each of us while surfing the net.  Never again will you have to cross your fingers and hope you are safe. (Beginning to Intermediate)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Conference--Alice Volkert

To give our readers a little tease of what is to come at our fall conference we will be featuring lecturers and their topics over the next few weeks. Don't forget to register at

Alice Volkert -- Digital Cameras for Genealogists
The digital camera can be one of your most valued research tools. It can help you effectively acquire records and preserve documents, cut your reproduction costs greatly, achieve more with your available time and have more FUN!  It need not require a bunch of expensive equipment! (Beginner to Advanced)

Alice Volkert -- Secret Census
Everyone talks about and uses the Federal Census; the ones that are enumerated every ten years.  But! There are other census out there! Learn how you can discover more about your ancestors by searching these less-well-known census.

Alice Volkert --  "Do It Backwards": Finding Descendants First
Discuss researching descendants of someone.  Usually we do not do that!!!  But sometimes there is a good reason for doing just that! Finding some other descendant who may have that vital piece of information that can provide the clue or source that breaks through that brick wall! (Intermediate to Advanced)

Alice Volkert -- Record Keeping Methods
Explore the popular methods for keeping order from becoming chaos as our research produces lots of paper to treasurer and store.  If your current plan isn’t working, learn about some others. (Beginner to Advanced)