Tuesday, August 2, 2022

SLIG Intermediate Foundations Ambassador

The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy is pleased to announce that Taralyn Parker will serve as an Ambassador for the SLIG Fall Virtual 2022 Intermediate Foundations course.

Intermediate Foundations was designed for students who have experience in genealogy and want to build on their existing knowledge, enhance their research skills, and prepare for more advanced education.

If you have wondered if Intermediate Foundations is right for you, please follow Taralyn as she shares her experiences this fall.

Learn more about the course on the SLIG Fall Virtual 2022 webpage, on SLIG's blog, and by watching this video:

Taralyn Parker is a journalist turned family historian who runs the blog Keep Moving Forward With Me. During the COVID-19 crisis, she helped co-create the 21-day Family Connections Experiment: A Family History Project. Whether teaching classes at RootsTech or traveling to ancestors' hometowns, Taralyn is passionate about discovering and sharing family history. Working in the industry for 10+ years, Taralyn manages social media for various organizations. She loves using her talents to help share goodness. Taralyn, her husband John, and their four children enjoy living the small town life.

Follow Taralyn on her blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.