Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Open Committee Position: Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

SLIG has an open position for a graphic designer/desktop publisher to start in October. The position may be held by one or two individuals, depending on skills; however, a combined position is preferred and is outlined here.

Graphic Design
  • Manages Design elements
    • In collaboration with the Director, conducts annual evaluation of branding
    • Updates logos and branded assets for use in publications and social media
    • Updates branding elements in Canva and Adobe products
  • Creates Official SLIG designs for current use
    • Recommends images for use in course marketing
    • Creates marketing images for use in print, blog, and on Facebook
    • Collaborates with social media manager and Facebook community manager as needed
Desktop Publishing
  • Oversees style guide updates
    • In collaboration with the director and syllabus coordinator, reviews and updates the syllabus style guide annually
  • Produces syllabus materials
    • Creates syllabus cover template per current-year specifications
    • Assembles syllabus materials for print and digital publication for all SLIG programs – SLIG Virtual (fall),SLIG, and SLIG Academy 
    • Ensures publications follow published style guides
    • Works with Syllabus Coordinator to make corrections as required
    • Saves syllabus in desired print and digital formats for distribution
  • Produces other print media assets
    • Prepares course completion certificates, tickets, and other items for printing
    • Using elements provided by the Writer/Editor and Graphic Designer, designs and produces course flyers, media ads, and other collaterals for distribution
    • Assembles tech day, colloquium, and other handouts as needed
Other Responsibilities
    • Maintains broad knowledge base about SLIG to ensure accuracy of visual communication
    • Attends monthly committee meetings, and ad hoc marketing committee or other meetings as needed
Time and Benefits
  • The position is a year-round appointments by the Director, and serves all SLIG programs – SLIG Virtual (fall),SLIG, and the SLIG Academy for Professionals. 
  • Time spent per month will vary:
    • Graphic Design peak periods are mid-November-mid-December, March-April
    • Desktop Publishing peak periods are August, mid-October-January (holidays and SLIG week off), April-May 
  • Benefits include waived tuition for a SLIG course of choice in each program – SLIG Virtual, SLIG, and SLIG Academy for Professionals. Travel costs are not included.
  • Must have proven design and publishing skills. Samples of recent work may be requested. 
  • Must provide own Adobe Creative Cloud product subscription – including Illustrator, inDesign, Acrobat Pro, other if needed. Canva will be provided.
To Submit your Name for Consideration:

Open Committee Position: Writer/Editor

SLIG has an open position on the committee for a Writer/Editor. 


  • Creates written articles, blogs, and other communications:
    • Writes blog posts highlighting courses, faculty, and special events
    • Writes blog posts about travel and trip preparation 
    • Writes additional marketing blogs as needed
    • Writes and/or assembles SLIG contributions to Crossroads Magazine
    • Creates copy for course flyers 
    • Creates lead-in copy for social media posts
  • Ensures branding and consistency:
    • Uses images created by SLIG appropriately
    • Reviews materials for branding consistency
  • Proofs materials as needed:
    • Proofs blog posts written by other committee
    • Proofs webpages 
    • Proofs syllabus front matter, student communications
  • Other Responsibilities:
    • Ensures accuracy of communication
    • Attends monthly committee meetings
    • Attends ad hoc marketing meetings
    • In collaboration with others, captures the SLIG experience
Time and Benefits
  • This position is a year-round appointment by the Director, and serves all SLIG programs – SLIG Virtual (fall), SLIG, and the SLIG Academy for Professionals. 
  • Time spent per month will vary, with peak periods running April-May, October-November, and February.
  • Benefits include waived tuition for SLIG course of choice in SLIG Virtual, SLIG, and SLIG Academy for Professionals. 
  • Must have excellent communication skills, with demonstrated writing and editorial experience. Samples of recent work may be requested. 
  • Must have an intermediate level of research experience or above.
  • Must have previously attended SLIG (January program, in person).
To Submit your Name for Consideration
Questions may be submitted to

Monday, August 30, 2021

SLIG Announces the Recipient of the First-Time Institute Attendee Scholarship for SLIG 2022

SLIG is pleased to announce that Yvette Smithson Holmes has been award the First-Time Institute Attendee Scholarship to attend SLIG 2022. Yvette has elected to attend Course 9: Advanced Genealogical Methods. This scholarship was created in 2016 to provide assistance to students and defray the cost of attending their first institute.

Yvette Smithson Holmes is a 54-year-old lifelong resident of western Kentucky. She and her husband, Bradley, have been married for 32 years and have reared five daughters, and are proud grandparents of a one-year-old granddaughter. Yvette's ancestral lines are primarily colonial from Virginia and the Carolinas, with only one line arriving in America after 1800 and almost all before the American Revolution.

Yvette has been fascinated by family history since 12 when she saw some family papers listing the names of her third great-grandmother, grandparents, and parents, all born in Scotland and Northern Ireland. She has researched her one family and studied methodology while raising her children and working and would love to pursue a professional credential.

Her involvement in the genealogical community also extends to volunteer work at the local historical society. She hopes that her education at SLIG will benefit not just her but the community as well. Yvette is a member of multiple genealogical societies in Kentucky and Tennessee. She loves to travel, particularly to historic sites.

Congratulations Yvette! We look forward to seeing you at SLIG 2022.