Friday, December 31, 2021

SLIG 2022: Bookstore and Discounts

Yes, SLIG 2022 has a bookstore!

Bob and Pat Gordon of Books & Things had agreed to brave the weather and potential covid uptick to come to Salt Lake City to take care of us this year. 

Now that SLIG is virtual, they will be serving us safely from their location in Texas.

How this will work

Through Friday, January 7th:

ALL SLIG followers and supporters may receive a 10% discount on purchases.   

Shop at using the discount code SLIG2021.

During SLIG week:

Students and faculty may shop in our virtual bookstore in SLIG Central:

  • Monday through Friday, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm (lunch hours)
  • Monday through Thursday, 4:00 to 5:00 pm (after class)
  • Enter using the Zoom link provided in your student packet; same link each day. 

During your visit, they will be able to:

  • Check inventory (not everything is online).
  • Check the indexes for your ancestor's names. 
  • Search for books related to specific locations and time periods or topics. 
  • Start a "stack" of books for you – just like we do at SLIG – so you can just return on the last day to purchase.

A unique code will be provided in your student handbook for a 10% discount to use during SLIG week. 

Your digital course folder will include several documents prepared by Books & Things, from "Tips for Shopping" to book suggestions by topic, to help with your experience.  

Thanks to Books & Things for your support of SLIG 2022!

SLIG 2022 Schedule of Events

One would think that a program with courses selected more than a year prior to the event, it would be a simple thing to published an official schedule. Sadly, not this year.

With the potential for change around every corner, decisions about special events, sponsors, and even the bookstore, were pushed off to fall. And then, as if on some kind of cue, once completed, had to be modified to fit the new virtual format. 

And so, here we are - finally pushing out the Schedule at a Glance. Mark Your Calendars!

The full schedule may be found here: SLIG 2022 Schedule at a Glance

 In summary (all times are MST):

  • Print syllabi in postal service by January 3rd, digital dropbox links distributed by January 5th
  • All-Participant Orientation: Sunday, January 9, 5:00 pm
    • Course Meet and Greets will immediately follow
  • General Session, Warren Bittner presenting: Monday, January 10, 6:30 pm
  • SLIG Central: Monday - Friday 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, and Monday - Thursday, 4:00 - 5:00 pm
    • Books and Things will be there to check indexes before you buy 
    • General networking as desired
    • Tuesday and Thursday sponsored events during lunch
  • SLIG Night at the Family History Library - yup, we figured out how to do this virtually. Wednesday, January 12, 5:00 - 8:00 pm
  • SLIG Wrap-up and UGA Awards, Rick Sayre, keynote: Friday, January 14, 6:00 pm
  • SLIG Tech Day: Saturday, January 29 (separate post pending)
We look forward to seeing you at SLIG!

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Announcement: SLIG 2022 Change to Virtual

It is with sadness that we announce our decision to change SLIG 2022 to a virtual format. 

We know many of you were anxious to meet together in person and will be highly disappointed. Others will be expressing a loud sigh of relief. And each of you will experience some level of inconvenience as a result. For this we are very sorry!

Please know that the decision was not made lightly. The health and safety of everyone participating is of the utmost importance. With the new variant in the mix, we no longer feel confident in our ability to provide a safe environment for this important educational experience. While we have done due diligence in our preparations throughout the year—from tightening policies to modifying room sets and events—too many things remain out of our control.

Additionally, we have cancelled our 2023 contract. It is clear that the pandemic roller coaster is not coming to a stop any time soon. We will return to Salt Lake City in 2024 with bells on. Until then, we will stay safe and learn from home.

We are sorry if this difficult year of constant change has eroded some of your loyalty to SLIG, and if so, we hope we can regain that. We are grateful for each one of you. We are also grateful for our long-term relationship with the Hilton, which made negotiation of reduced penalties possible.

What to Expect at the Virtual SLIG 2022

SLIG 2022 will follow our previously-planned in-person schedule, beginning with orientation on Sunday, the plenary session on Monday, and ending with the completion and awards wrap-up on Friday. 

SLIG Night at the FHL will be sponsored by FamilySearch and the FHL on Wednesday evening. They are working creatively to design a facilitated experience for our virtual environment. 

Sponsored events with open Q&A will be held during the lunch hours on Tuesday and Thursday. 

The bookstore (Books and Things) will send out a discount code usable by all SLIG followers through 12/31. SLIG participants will additionally have the opportunity to shop via Zoom, where they will answer questions and check indexes before purchasing, since most of their inventory is not online. 

The print syllabus and participant gift will be shipped to you—hopefully on January 3rd—via USPS priority mail.

Tech Day, formerly cancelled, will be quickly redesigned to run on Saturday, January 29th. All registered for either SLIG or the Academy will be eligible to register first.

Courses and Registration

We regret that Jan Joyce’s Critical Thinking course does not translate well to a virtual environment. It will be postponed to 2024. 

All other courses will run as planned. Coordinators are busy refining contingency plans made for labs, practice tests, and other activities. 

  • Registration Changes will be processed as follows:
    • Critical Thinking students will be given the option to select an alternate course or a full refund of tuition.
    • Students who cancelled before the November 30th deadline will be given the option to regain their seat; naturally the $75 administrative fee will be reapplied to tuition.
    • Folks currently on the waitlist for a course will be invited to register.
    • Students who purchased guest tickets for the reception or banquet will receive a refund for that portion of their order.
  • Additional Seats will become available:
  • All courses will be “closed” in the registration system to help us manage the items outlined above first, but: 
    • Seats previously lost to social distancing will be re-added to the capacities.
    • If you are now interested in taking a course that was previously full or you were unable to take for other reasons, please add yourself to the waitlist for that course. 
    • We hope to get all invitations out by Saturday.

Travel and Lodging

The Hilton will cancel all reservations made in the group block at the end of the day, Monday, December 13th, unless otherwise notified. Deposits will be refunded. 

In the event you still wish to travel to SLC and stay at the Hilton during SLIG week, they will honor the group rate. Please email no later than noon on Monday to request that your reservation not be cancelled. 

Please remember to cancel any reservations for lodging made outside the room block directly.

Most airlines are currently waiving change and cancellation penalties, and providing credit for travel up to a specific number of months following the date of original reservation. Please check with your airline for specific change/cancellation policies.

Most travel insurance companies will extend the insurance to cover the new reservation if properly notified.

Director’s Note: Change is Challenging at Best

I’ve always been one to embrace change. It brings opportunity for new experiences, adventures, and growth. And meeting planners must be poised for change, planning for the best while simultaneously preparing for the worst. But I'll be the first to admit that a few too many unexpected decision points and reactive changes have been required in these past two pandemic years to bring daily enjoyment. 

I will miss seeing you in person. I am highly disappointed that I have not been able to give you what you expected this year. But I do hope you will understand the need for this decision, that you know it was made out of great love and concern for each of you, and that the timing of it was out of my control. Who in their right mind would wait until the penalties were at their highest to cancel, right? Only someone who truly believed cancellation would not be necessary!

Please feel free to email me for further clarification.

Peg Ivanyo, director

Getting Help
Registration: Zachary Hamilton,
Lodging: Sue Petersen,
All other questions or concerns: Peg Ivanyo,

Monday, November 29, 2021

SLIG 2022 Health and Safety Policy: Simplified

There is Chinese, and then there is Simplified Chinese. Fewer strokes, same meaning.

There is nothing like a pandemic to make something like a health and safety policy get difficult to read over time. Each time an update was required to adhere to new CDC guidelines, we left the original text intact and added the update above. The result? 

It became complicated.

Please consider this re-write a bit like simplified Chinese - it says the same thing, with fewer words. No need to sift through to decide what still applies and what doesn’t. It reflects all updates made since it was originally crafted in June 2021, and removes any text that was superseded by subsequent updates (11/6 and 11/27 specifically). 

Health Policy Simplified.

To view the original version, with updates in reverse chronological order, please visit:

SLIG 2022 Health and Safety Policy - Consolidated 11/29/21

Our top priority is the safety and health of SLIG attendees and instructors. SLIG will follow CDC guidelines for indoor events. If guidelines become more restrictive, our policy will be updated accordingly. If national, state, or local policies are put in place that are more restrictive, they shall apply. 

Participants must agree to abide by these policies at the time of registration. SLIG reserves the right to remove non-compliant parties from the classroom, shared SLIG areas, shuttle, or events.

We hope this provides a safe framework for you to comfortably attend. If not, we encourage you to wait and attend a subsequent year. While we cannot require it, we highly recommend the purchase of trip insurance that fully covers tuition and travel to alleviate your financial risk in the event you experience an emergency or illness.

The CDC recommends both masks and social distancing at all indoor events:
  • Masks
    • Masks should be worn (are required) in all SLIG classrooms, shared areas, the SLIG shuttle, and special events, regardless of vaccination status. 
    • Instructors will not be required to wear a mask when presenting. If an instructor chooses to wear a mask while presenting and a hearing-impaired student is present, SLIG will provide a mask with a clear lip-reading panel if needed.
    • The Hilton will require all staff to wear masks for the duration of SLIG.
    • In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodations (i.e. the substitution of a face shield) may be available. Requests may be made by updating your registration account disabilities section no later than December 15, 2021. SLIG will reach out for additional information, and submission of documentation may be required.
  • Social Distancing
    • Social distancing is encouraged in all SLIG classrooms, shared areas, and special events, even while masked. 
    • Seating:
      • Classroom seating capacity will be limited to no more than one person per six-foot table. 
      • Plenary session seating will be set at six feet between chairs. 
      • Where rounds are used, in the classroom or for special events, no more than three people will be seated per 60” round and seating rotated to clear approximately six feet between participants. 
      • Overflow seating will be provided in other rooms rather than exceed capacity.
    • Consultations (if included in your course)
      • Consultations requiring screen sharing will be conducted via Zoom. Participants should bring headphones. 
      • Consultations not requiring screen sharing will be held in a separate room set for social distancing between consultant and participant.
    • Other Activities:
      • Participation is not required in activities where social distancing is not possible (i.e. viewing maps, transportation). Alternative activities may not be available.
      • Sunday's Orientation/Reception will be combined and held in the Ballroom, with a served meal, to eliminate hallway crowding and movement.
      • Tickets for the SLIG Night at the FHL reception will be limited to 50 per thirty minute session, and distanced seating provided in a room separate from the service/networking area.
  • If you are ill or have had a recent exposure (while unvaccinated) to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, please remain at home (or if already at SLIG, in your hotel room), and notify your classroom monitor. 
  • The Hilton will do extra cleaning of high-touch areas, and hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the hotel. 
  • SLIG will provide hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, electronic wipes, and disposable straws in each classroom.
  • SLIG will have a supply of disposable masks on hand.
  • A small, private triage area will be available with a digital thermometer and a healthcare professional to provide assistance in gaining access to local health care if needed.
  • Colored lanyards will be distributed prior to entering the registration area. Participants may use these to clearly communicate additional personal contact preferences.
Disclaimer: SLIG is taking the above enhanced health and safety measures to protect conference attendees. However, there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. By attending the conference in person, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, and SLIG disclaims any and all liability related thereto.

SLIG 2022 Health and Safety Update: Mask Requirements

This is the second in a series announcing plans, policies, and special events for SLIG 2022. 

This is also an ANNOUNCEMENT OF RECENT CHANGE to the health and safety policy. Please read carefully.

Last week two things occurred: I was made aware of yet another verbiage modification on the CDC site,  and the world was rocked by the announcement of yet another variant. The result - yet another episode of review, adjust, and rewrite. 

Did I mention that most of the year has been like that? There are some who would say I brought it upon myself.  And they would be mostly correct. But I had my reasons. And I stand by them. (Another post for another day). 

On November 27, 2021, the following update was added to the health and safety policy,

It changes everything. As it relates to masks. 

UPDATE 11/27/21

We are monitoring CDC and State of Utah updates regularly. As we do so, we find ourselves working with a bit of a moving target. The verbiage taken from the CDC page cited on 11/06 appears to have been replaced with slightly less restrictive verbiage. In light of ongoing concerns and recent announcements, however, we feel it wise to adhere to the advisory previously referenced recommending both masks and social distancing.3

Where verbiage has become more restrictive is on the CDC county by county guidelines page, which now states that "Everyone in Salt Lake County, Utah should wear a mask in public, indoor settings." Of import is the change from "recommend" to "should."4


Accordingly, as allowed per our original published policy, the following modifications are now effective:

  • Masks "should" be worn at SLIG, and social distancing be used, regardless of vaccination status.
  • As long as Salt Lake County remains in either substantial or high transmission status, SLIG will interpret "should" to mean "must." Masks will be required, regardless of vaccination status, except when presenting at a distance greater than six feet.
  • Consultations requiring screen sharing will be conducted via Zoom. Participants should bring headphones. Consultations not requiring screen sharing will be held in a room set for social distancing.
  • Participation is not required in activities where social distancing is not possible (i.e. viewing maps, transportation). Alternative activities may not be available.
  • In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodations (i.e. the substitution of a face shield) may be available. Requests may be made by updating your registration account disabilities section no later than December 15, 2021. SLIG will reach out for additional information, and submission of documentation may be required.


-----End quoted area; for the full policy, please visit

The Oxford Dictionary indicates that should is used to "indicate obligation, duty, or correctness." Merriam-Webster uses a similar definition, adding that it is used to state what is "expected." It is to these definitions that SLIG will adhere, not interpretations that imply optional compliance.

Merriam-Webster also indicates that "should" is often used to "express a request in a polite manner or to soften direct statement." 

My previously-planned blog post would have fallen into that definition. It would have emphasized the need for us to wear masks. Touted the wisdom of the CDC's dual recommendation that we both wear masks and social distance at indoor events. And underscored how strongly we felt about our "strongly recommend" mask verbiage, in light of the ongoing pandemic. It would have also cited SLIG's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and suggested that respect for all includes demonstrating health and safety precautions. 

While I'm not grateful for the ongoing challenges this pandemic has presented, I can express gratitude that CDC changes have made it easier for to be more direct about something that will help keep us all safe at SLIG.

For additional clarity: 
  • I don't expect transmission rates to fall substantially across the nation, or in Salt Lake County, in the next six weeks before SLIG. So, please come prepared to wear a mask at all times. We will have a supply of disposables available should you forget to bring your preferred style.
  • This change was made in response to recent changes in CDC guidelines, not in response to recent criticisms. We chose to adhere to CDC guidelines from the beginning in order to maintain integrity and neutrality in a very-divided world as our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct would demand.
  • Citing our own policy: "We hope this provides a safe framework for you to comfortably attend. If not, we would encourage you to wait and attend a subsequent year." We know no matter how the policy is written, it won't be a good fit for some. We regret not being able to make it perfect for all! 


Sunday, November 28, 2021

SLIG 2022 Health and Safety Update: Modified Seating

Director's Note: Preparing for SLIG 2022 has been a bit like chasing a moving target. This blog post has been in draft mode for about two months now. Each time something seemed final, we were presented reasons to review and modify, reconsider or refine. In an effort to keep everyone as safe as possible, we have continually reviewed CDC guidelines and updated plans accordingly. In an effort to ensure that all special events met guidelines, many decisions were postponed until late October. 

This is the first in a series announcing plans, policies, and special events for SLIG 2022. 

It will definitely be a year for the history books.

We think you will be happy with the result. You still can't beat the quality of the education. And there will be plenty of the traditional "SLIG Experience," even if it is presented a bit uniquely. 

Let's begin with how seating will work. 

Health and Safety Update November 2021

Plenty of elbow room is the theme for logistical designs this year. In accordance with CDC recommendations for indoor events, course capacities have been adjusted and classroom seating modified. Special events have been modified to ensure distancing, and room assignments modified to eliminate hallway crowding.  

Before we get into the details, we need to offer a huge shout out to UGA, who approved our scaled-back plan earlier this year so we could be prepared for such a modification. And to the Hilton, who has made concessions to help us make this work. We sincerely appreciate the support!

What does this mean for SLIG 2022?

Let's start with orientation. In a normal year, we would meet in the Alpine Ballroom, set for about 400 people. We have a grand old time, hugging at the entrance, sitting cozily side by side while talking about how to make the SLIG experience a successful one, honoring the faculty with a stage parade one course at a time, and giving away door prizes. Not to be outdone, we follow this with a reception and entertainment. Naturally, we all exit through two double doors to a to medium-sized hallway, cheerfully pack ourselves into long crowded lines to get to the buffet, then crowd into the Grand Ballroom with eight to nine people per round and three to four per cocktail table to network and enjoy the food.

Not. This. Year.

This year we will begin in the Grand Ballroom. One location. No additional movement. Six-foot distancing in the foyer and entrance. More entrance and exit doors. Everyone wearing masks until the food is served. Rounds will be set for only three, and every other table will be rotated so that there is six feet between participants. Waiters will be wearing masks and food will be brought to the table. 

Additional rooms will be utilized for overflow if needed, and the program Zoomed in. Those who are not comfortable coming to orientation, even under these circumstances, will be able to watch via Zoom this year. 

The bonus for all this fuss? A catered meal - full entree, sides, and dessert. Unless, of course, you opt to attend via Zoom. We haven't yet figured out how to Zoom food.

Grand Ballroom Distanced Seating

Classrooms will be similarly distanced. While you won't be allowed to move your chair more closely to other participants, you will get an entire 6' x 18" table to yourself. 

Each room will be supplied with hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, electronic wipes, and disposable straws so you can enjoy your favorite drink without taking off that very important mask.

Monday evening's plenary session will be held in the Alpine Ballroom. Chairs 6' apart. Again, we will utilize nearby rooms for overflow seating. 

The downside? Laughter in close proximity to the speaker will be limited to 57. The upside? Laughter will regale nearby rooms as well. Wherever you sit, this will be one plenary session you won't want to miss (sorry, no spoilers; watch for the post).

Lest one misconstrue the meaning of these distancing efforts, please note that distancing in room sets is in addition to the wearing of masks, not in lieu of. 

More about how that works in a separate post.

Here's to a safe and healthy SLIG 2022 educational experience!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

SLIG Scholarship Opportunity: AncestryProGenealogists

Start planning for 2023! 

AncestryProGenealogists has just announced the deadline for next year's institute scholarships. 

What is covered: The award covers travel, hotel, and tuition expenses up to a total of $2,000 to attend a course at one of five major institutes – SLIG, IGHR, Gen-Fed, GRIP, and MAAGI – held between summer 2022 and winter 2023.

The scholarship may be used to attend SLIG Virtual (fall 2022), SLIG 2023, or the SLIG Academy for Professionals 2023. Applications will be accepted beginning October 1, 2021 and are due no later than November 30, 2021. 

Which Course: So how do you apply for this scholarship in November with SLIG in mind when the courses for that program year won't even be announced until January? Consider the following patterns of the past, commitments to the future:
  • Methodology. SLIG traditionally offers two or more methodology courses, including Advanced Genealogical Methods with Paul Graham, and others selected each year with a focus on critical thinking, research processes, or problem solving. 
  • DNA. SLIG's DNA Dreamer series helps researchers meet standards using DNA evidence, and our Getting Started course provides a foundation for those new to genetic genealogy. We are committed to fostering skilled use of this unique record source.
  • Records and Resources: While SLIG always offers a variety of courses on record types and resources, two of these – land and law – are usually offered in a pattern: Land, Maps, Platting; Law, Advanced, Application (new, pushed to 2023).
  • Writing and Publishing: A staple in both SLIG and the SLIG Academy. Although the courses vary from year to year, our 2022 course list reveals which writing courses were pushed forward to 2023 because of the pandemic. 
  • And more: Credentialing is now a regular offering (courses vary) at SLIG or the Academy. And each fall, Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum with Angela Packer McGhie challenges students with five unique case studies and Karen Stanbary's new Proving Your Pedigree with DNA course builds standards-based skills at an intermediate level. 

Additional Reasons to Attend SLIG: Naturally, SLIG and the SLIG Academy, held at the Hilton in Salt Lake City each year, also provide the opportunity to research at the nearby Family History Library and attend special networking and other events hosted by SLIG and its sponsors. 

We hope this helps you with your application for this amazing scholarship and wish you success!

Open Committee Position: EMT or Nurse

This individual manages the triage center for SLIG 2022. Unable to attend a SLIG 2022 course, they will earn benefits toward 2023. Lodging and meal per diem provided.

  • Manages SLIG 2022 triage center
    • Available for private temperature checks
    • Dispenses PPE, hand sanitizer and other supplies
    • Assists attendees in obtaining transportation to medical facilities if needed
  • Inspects and stocks health supply stations
  • Supports attendee health and wellness
    • Acts as liaison with SLIG administration
    • Provides initial response to SLIG health policy concerns
Other Responsibilities
    • Attends monthly committee meetings October to January
    • Attends ad hoc logistical planning meetings October to January
Time and Benefits
  • The position is appointed by the Director, and serves SLIG 2022, which runs the week beginning Sunday, January 9, 2022
  • Work time will be intermittent; may bring personal work or hobbies for downtimes
  • Benefits include:
    • waived tuition for a SLIG 2023 course of choice 
    • six nights private lodging in the SLIG Hilton block for 2022
    • meal per diem Sunday through Friday
  • Must be a registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or similar practitioner
  • Must be licensed in the State of Utah
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
To Submit your Name for Consideration:


Open Committee Position: Facebook Community Manager

SLIG has need of an individual to manage the SLIG Facebook Page and the SLIG Attendee Group. 

  • Provides Value-Added Information to SLIG followers
    • Monitors Facebook daily for news of import in the genealogical community
    • Cross-posts to the SLIG Facebook page:
      • genealogical industry news
      • blog posts written by SLIG faculty specifically related to course topics 
      • community topics relevant to ongoing or future courses 
  • Monitors and responds to community interaction 
    • Ensures comments adhere to the group guidelines and SLIG policies
    • Ensures appropriate response from the committee when needed
    • Monitors posts created or boosted by SLIG
    • Monitors interactions on SLIG registration days
    • Notifies SLIG of community news requiring broader attention
  • Drives Facebook interaction during programs
    • Posts photos and information about the SLIG experience
    • Compiles and reviews social media door prize entries
    • Works with others to recommend grand prize winners 
  • Reviews, communicates with, and approves group join requests
  • Reports on Facebook trends and interactions
Other Responsibilities
  • Maintains broad knowledge base about SLIG to ensure accurate communication
  • Attends monthly committee meetings, and ad hoc marketing meetings 
  • Able to attend SLIG in January
Time and Benefits
  • The position is appointed by the Director, and serves SLIG year-round
  • Benefits include:
    • waived tuition for a SLIG course of choice 
    • six nights lodging in the SLIG Hilton block (shared with another committee member)
    • discounted tuition for other programs if desired
  • Must be a daily Facebook user, able to monitor and interact regularly
  • Must have attended SLIG (in person) and at least one virtual course
  • Excellent communication skills
To Submit your Name for Consideration

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Open Committee Position: Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

SLIG has an open position for a graphic designer/desktop publisher to start in October. The position may be held by one or two individuals, depending on skills; however, a combined position is preferred and is outlined here.

Graphic Design
  • Manages Design elements
    • In collaboration with the Director, conducts annual evaluation of branding
    • Updates logos and branded assets for use in publications and social media
    • Updates branding elements in Canva and Adobe products
  • Creates Official SLIG designs for current use
    • Recommends images for use in course marketing
    • Creates marketing images for use in print, blog, and on Facebook
    • Collaborates with social media manager and Facebook community manager as needed
Desktop Publishing
  • Oversees style guide updates
    • In collaboration with the director and syllabus coordinator, reviews and updates the syllabus style guide annually
  • Produces syllabus materials
    • Creates syllabus cover template per current-year specifications
    • Assembles syllabus materials for print and digital publication for all SLIG programs – SLIG Virtual (fall),SLIG, and SLIG Academy 
    • Ensures publications follow published style guides
    • Works with Syllabus Coordinator to make corrections as required
    • Saves syllabus in desired print and digital formats for distribution
  • Produces other print media assets
    • Prepares course completion certificates, tickets, and other items for printing
    • Using elements provided by the Writer/Editor and Graphic Designer, designs and produces course flyers, media ads, and other collaterals for distribution
    • Assembles tech day, colloquium, and other handouts as needed
Other Responsibilities
    • Maintains broad knowledge base about SLIG to ensure accuracy of visual communication
    • Attends monthly committee meetings, and ad hoc marketing committee or other meetings as needed
Time and Benefits
  • The position is a year-round appointments by the Director, and serves all SLIG programs – SLIG Virtual (fall),SLIG, and the SLIG Academy for Professionals. 
  • Time spent per month will vary:
    • Graphic Design peak periods are mid-November-mid-December, March-April
    • Desktop Publishing peak periods are August, mid-October-January (holidays and SLIG week off), April-May 
  • Benefits include a pre-reserved seat and waived tuition for a SLIG course of choice in each program – SLIG Virtual, SLIG, and SLIG Academy for Professionals. Travel costs are not included.
  • Must have proven design and publishing skills. Samples of recent work may be requested. 
  • Must provide own Adobe Creative Cloud product subscription – including Illustrator, inDesign, Acrobat Pro, other if needed. Canva will be provided.
To Submit your Name for Consideration:

Open Committee Position: Writer/Editor

SLIG has an open position on the committee for a Writer/Editor. 


  • Creates written articles, blogs, and other communications:
    • Writes blog posts highlighting courses, faculty, and special events
    • Writes blog posts about travel and trip preparation 
    • Writes additional marketing blogs as needed
    • Writes and/or assembles SLIG contributions to Crossroads Magazine
    • Creates copy for course flyers 
    • Creates lead-in copy for social media posts
  • Ensures branding and consistency:
    • Uses images created by SLIG appropriately
    • Reviews materials for branding consistency
  • Proofs materials as needed:
    • Proofs blog posts written by other committee
    • Proofs webpages 
    • Proofs syllabus front matter, student communications
  • Other Responsibilities:
    • Ensures accuracy of communication
    • Attends monthly committee meetings
    • Attends ad hoc marketing meetings
    • In collaboration with others, captures the SLIG experience
Time and Benefits
  • This position is a year-round appointment by the Director, and serves all SLIG programs – SLIG Virtual (fall), SLIG, and the SLIG Academy for Professionals. 
  • Time spent per month will vary, with peak periods running April-May, October-November, and February.
  • Benefits include a pre-reserved seat and waived tuition for a course of choice in SLIG Virtual, SLIG, and SLIG Academy for Professionals. 
  • Must have excellent communication skills, with demonstrated writing and editorial experience. Samples of recent work may be requested. 
  • Must have an intermediate level of research experience or above.
  • Must have previously attended SLIG (January program, in person).
To Submit your Name for Consideration
Questions may be submitted to