Friday, April 14, 2023

Wanted: Hive Minders for SLIG Fall Virtual 2023

Hive Minders make our virtual classrooms function smoothly, addressing challenges that arise. If you are comfortable with technology, consider applying to serve during one of the courses offered during SLIG Fall Virtual 2023.

Hive Minder job responsibilities include:

  • starting Zoom for each weekly class session;
  • managing closed captioning, breakout rooms, polls, and recordings;
  • assisting faculty and students with light tech and announcements;
  • taking attendance with the provided Airtable attendance tracker;
  • keeping SLIG staff aware of classroom and student issues or concerns.
Hive Minders receive:
  • a tuition waiver for the course for which they serve as Hive Minder;
  • training to be a Hive Minder;
  • a Hive Minder reference packet;
  • assistance and support from SLIG's Virtual Coordinator, Tech Assistant, and Director for emergencies and questions.
Courses offered during SLIG Fall Virtual 2023 may be viewed here.

To apply to be a Hive Minder during SLIG Fall Virtual 2023, please complete the application at this Airtable link. The deadline for applying is May 1, 2023. All applicants will receive notification via email whether they have been selected.

A separate call for Hive Minders during SLIG 2024 and SLIG Spring Virtual 2024 will arrive in June.

Did we mention that Hive Minders receive a tuition waiver?