Sunday, July 9, 2017

Registration Ongoing for SLIG 2018

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) continues registration for the January 21-26, 2018 institute with courses and rooms available at the Hilton SLC Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. Saturday, July 8, was the first day of registration for SLIG 2018.

While the two courses Advanced Genealogical Methods and Establishing Proof with DNA  were filled in the first 10 minutes, there continues to be one seat left in the Pennsylvania German Research taught by Michael D. Lacopo.

Advanced Legal Concepts for Genealogy by Judy G. Russell, Advanced Land Tools: Maps with Richard C. Sayre and Digging Deeper: Pre-1837 English Research  by Paul Milner are filling fast.

Many other course options are still available. Consider registering to attend Original Source Repositories by John Philip Colletta and Taking Your Research to the Next Level by Paula Stuart-Warren.

For those seeking regional and/or ethnic research, seats remain in the following courses: Researching Your Swedish and Finnish Ancestors, In-Depth Sources for Portuguese Research, Exploring Quaker Records--At Home and Abroad and the Research in the Great Lakes Region.

The Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum by Angela Packer McGhie presents a challenging and popular experience for those seeking to prepare research in a professional manner.  Family historians might consider a new course being offered, Writing and Publishing Family Histories in the Digital Age by Dina C. Carson.

Register today! SLIG 2018 will be fun! There is something for everybody! C'mon--join us in January!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Are You Registered for SLIG?

This year's registrants to SLIG who register on the first day will receive their own personal meme to post to their social media (should they want to do so!).

Are you registered for SLIG? Seats still available in most of the courses. It will be fun! Join us!

SLIG Registration Successfully Started

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) opened registration this morning for SLIG 2018.

Within the first few minutes, Advanced Genealogical Methods with Tom Jones and Establishing Genealogical Proof with DNA by Karen Stanbary filled.  Those interested in these courses should sign on to the waiting lists.

All other courses have some seats left to fill, and registrants are encouraged to sign up today.  Waiting lists are available for all courses, however.

SLIG is a wonderful opportunity for a unique, quality Institute experience walking distance away from the world famous LDS Family History Library.

C'mon--join us! Sign up today!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

SLIG Creates Own YouTube Channel

The new SLIG YouTube channel plans on being another learning resource for genealogists.

Currently, the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) channel does house several promotional videos produced for SLIG 2018. Released this week, several entertaining shorts entitled SLIG is An Institute, SLIG is Unique, and SLIG is Quality are available for viewing on the channel. Another short featuring Judy Russell will be introduced Friday, July 7.

The popular promotional video recently released on social media featuring speakers and students from SLIG 2017, Come to SLIG, is also featured on the new channel. All promotional videos to date have been edited by Richard Gillespie, owner of Fast Cuts Edits.

Also found on the channel is a 47 minute instructional video graciously donated by presenter Paula Stuart-Warren, Taking Your Research to the Next Level. This can be found at Paula Stuart-Warren on SLIG YouTube

All videos may be viewed at  at SLIG YouTube. Subscribe today for updates!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Jimmy B. Parker Scholarship Awarded for SLIG 2018

The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy is pleased to announce Ellen Blakeslee as the winner of the Jimmy B. Parker Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy scholarship for 2018. The competition was strong and many candidates submitted worthy applications. The committee determined that Ms. Blakeslee's application exemplified the culture of giving back to the community as demonstrated by Jimmy B.Parker.

After 16 years as an Over-the-Road tractor trailer driver, Ellen retired to follow her
Ellen Blakeslee
passion for genealogy. With 39 years of research experience gained in her spare time, 
Ms. Blakeslee started her own genealogy business but still finds time to actively volunteer in her community in Georgia.  She volunteers for the Newton County Library Heritage Room, the Newton County Historical Society Archives and the Family History Center in Conyers, while also editing Jeans and Genes, the quarterly newsletter for the Rockdale County Genealogical Society. She also serves as Treasurer for the Georgia Chapter of Association of Professional Genealogist (APG). 

Ellen credits her mother with her passion for genealogy. She used to take her as a young child from cemetery to cemetery, sharing stories and introducing her to her ancesters.

Ms. Blakeslee will be attending Course 1 entitled “Taking Your Research to the Next Level.” She plans to use the knowledge she gains to continue her volunteer work and expand her teaching skills in the genealogical community.

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) awards 2018 Scholarship

Emily Kowalski Schroeder
The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy is pleased to announce Emily Kowalski Schroeder as the winner of the SLIG Scholarship for First-Time Institute Attendees for 2018. The competition was strong and many candidates submitted worthy applications. The committee determined that Ms. Schroeder's application effectively conveyed her desire for a more in-depth learning experience at an intermediate (or above) level.

Ms. Schroeder is currently a self-taught genealogist and is ready to attend an institute to gain in-depth knowledge of specific genealogical research resources and methods. She wants to further her genealogical education to make herself a better, more efficient, and more confident researcher and storyteller of her family's history.

Emily is passionate about getting youth involved in genealogy, and, in 2014, she started Growing Little Leaves, a website and blog dedicated to providing readers with free, hands-on activities for getting children interested in family history. Over the past three years, Emily has taught beginner genealogy classes for both children and adults in her local area.

Ms. Schroeder will be attending Course 2 entitled "The Third Coast: Research in the Great Lakes Region." She is looking forward to meeting and interacting with professional genealogists and genealogy enthusiasts from around the country and world. She is excited to share research challenges and develop network connections.

She is a  scientist, with degrees in meteorology from Valparaiso University and Penn State University. Emily is originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area, and currently lives near Indianapolis with her husband, two children, and kitties.