Tuesday, September 28, 2021

SLIG Scholarship Opportunity: AncestryProGenealogists

Start planning for 2023! 

AncestryProGenealogists has just announced the deadline for next year's institute scholarships. 

What is covered: The award covers travel, hotel, and tuition expenses up to a total of $2,000 to attend a course at one of five major institutes – SLIG, IGHR, Gen-Fed, GRIP, and MAAGI – held between summer 2022 and winter 2023.

The scholarship may be used to attend SLIG Virtual (fall 2022), SLIG 2023, or the SLIG Academy for Professionals 2023. Applications will be accepted beginning October 1, 2021 and are due no later than November 30, 2021. 

Which Course: So how do you apply for this scholarship in November with SLIG in mind when the courses for that program year won't even be announced until January? Consider the following patterns of the past, commitments to the future:
  • Methodology. SLIG traditionally offers two or more methodology courses, including Advanced Genealogical Methods with Paul Graham, and others selected each year with a focus on critical thinking, research processes, or problem solving. 
  • DNA. SLIG's DNA Dreamer series helps researchers meet standards using DNA evidence, and our Getting Started course provides a foundation for those new to genetic genealogy. We are committed to fostering skilled use of this unique record source.
  • Records and Resources: While SLIG always offers a variety of courses on record types and resources, two of these – land and law – are usually offered in a pattern: Land, Maps, Platting; Law, Advanced, Application (new, pushed to 2023).
  • Writing and Publishing: A staple in both SLIG and the SLIG Academy. Although the courses vary from year to year, our 2022 course list reveals which writing courses were pushed forward to 2023 because of the pandemic. 
  • And more: Credentialing is now a regular offering (courses vary) at SLIG or the Academy. And each fall, Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum with Angela Packer McGhie challenges students with five unique case studies and Karen Stanbary's new Proving Your Pedigree with DNA course builds standards-based skills at an intermediate level. 

Additional Reasons to Attend SLIG: Naturally, SLIG and the SLIG Academy, held at the Hilton in Salt Lake City each year, also provide the opportunity to research at the nearby Family History Library and attend special networking and other events hosted by SLIG and its sponsors. 

We hope this helps you with your application for this amazing scholarship and wish you success!

Open Committee Position: EMT or Nurse

This individual manages the triage center for SLIG 2022. Unable to attend a SLIG 2022 course, they will earn benefits toward 2023. Lodging and meal per diem provided.

  • Manages SLIG 2022 triage center
    • Available for private temperature checks
    • Dispenses PPE, hand sanitizer and other supplies
    • Assists attendees in obtaining transportation to medical facilities if needed
  • Inspects and stocks health supply stations
  • Supports attendee health and wellness
    • Acts as liaison with SLIG administration
    • Provides initial response to SLIG health policy concerns
Other Responsibilities
    • Attends monthly committee meetings October to January
    • Attends ad hoc logistical planning meetings October to January
Time and Benefits
  • The position is appointed by the Director, and serves SLIG 2022, which runs the week beginning Sunday, January 9, 2022
  • Work time will be intermittent; may bring personal work or hobbies for downtimes
  • Benefits include:
    • waived tuition for a SLIG 2023 course of choice 
    • six nights private lodging in the SLIG Hilton block for 2022
    • meal per diem Sunday through Friday
  • Must be a registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or similar practitioner
  • Must be licensed in the State of Utah
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
To Submit your Name for Consideration:


Open Committee Position: Facebook Community Manager

SLIG has need of an individual to manage the SLIG Facebook Page and the SLIG Attendee Group. 

  • Provides Value-Added Information to SLIG followers
    • Monitors Facebook daily for news of import in the genealogical community
    • Cross-posts to the SLIG Facebook page:
      • genealogical industry news
      • blog posts written by SLIG faculty specifically related to course topics 
      • community topics relevant to ongoing or future courses 
  • Monitors and responds to community interaction 
    • Ensures comments adhere to the group guidelines and SLIG policies
    • Ensures appropriate response from the committee when needed
    • Monitors posts created or boosted by SLIG
    • Monitors interactions on SLIG registration days
    • Notifies SLIG of community news requiring broader attention
  • Drives Facebook interaction during programs
    • Posts photos and information about the SLIG experience
    • Compiles and reviews social media door prize entries
    • Works with others to recommend grand prize winners 
  • Reviews, communicates with, and approves group join requests
  • Reports on Facebook trends and interactions
Other Responsibilities
  • Maintains broad knowledge base about SLIG to ensure accurate communication
  • Attends monthly committee meetings, and ad hoc marketing meetings 
  • Able to attend SLIG in January
Time and Benefits
  • The position is appointed by the Director, and serves SLIG year-round
  • Benefits include:
    • waived tuition for a SLIG course of choice 
    • six nights lodging in the SLIG Hilton block (shared with another committee member)
    • discounted tuition for other programs if desired
  • Must be a daily Facebook user, able to monitor and interact regularly
  • Must have attended SLIG (in person) and at least one virtual course
  • Excellent communication skills
To Submit your Name for Consideration

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Open Committee Position: Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

SLIG has an open position for a graphic designer/desktop publisher to start in October. The position may be held by one or two individuals, depending on skills; however, a combined position is preferred and is outlined here.

Graphic Design
  • Manages Design elements
    • In collaboration with the Director, conducts annual evaluation of branding
    • Updates logos and branded assets for use in publications and social media
    • Updates branding elements in Canva and Adobe products
  • Creates Official SLIG designs for current use
    • Recommends images for use in course marketing
    • Creates marketing images for use in print, blog, and on Facebook
    • Collaborates with social media manager and Facebook community manager as needed
Desktop Publishing
  • Oversees style guide updates
    • In collaboration with the director and syllabus coordinator, reviews and updates the syllabus style guide annually
  • Produces syllabus materials
    • Creates syllabus cover template per current-year specifications
    • Assembles syllabus materials for print and digital publication for all SLIG programs – SLIG Virtual (fall),SLIG, and SLIG Academy 
    • Ensures publications follow published style guides
    • Works with Syllabus Coordinator to make corrections as required
    • Saves syllabus in desired print and digital formats for distribution
  • Produces other print media assets
    • Prepares course completion certificates, tickets, and other items for printing
    • Using elements provided by the Writer/Editor and Graphic Designer, designs and produces course flyers, media ads, and other collaterals for distribution
    • Assembles tech day, colloquium, and other handouts as needed
Other Responsibilities
    • Maintains broad knowledge base about SLIG to ensure accuracy of visual communication
    • Attends monthly committee meetings, and ad hoc marketing committee or other meetings as needed
Time and Benefits
  • The position is a year-round appointments by the Director, and serves all SLIG programs – SLIG Virtual (fall),SLIG, and the SLIG Academy for Professionals. 
  • Time spent per month will vary:
    • Graphic Design peak periods are mid-November-mid-December, March-April
    • Desktop Publishing peak periods are August, mid-October-January (holidays and SLIG week off), April-May 
  • Benefits include a pre-reserved seat and waived tuition for a SLIG course of choice in each program – SLIG Virtual, SLIG, and SLIG Academy for Professionals. Travel costs are not included.
  • Must have proven design and publishing skills. Samples of recent work may be requested. 
  • Must provide own Adobe Creative Cloud product subscription – including Illustrator, inDesign, Acrobat Pro, other if needed. Canva will be provided.
To Submit your Name for Consideration:

Open Committee Position: Writer/Editor

SLIG has an open position on the committee for a Writer/Editor. 


  • Creates written articles, blogs, and other communications:
    • Writes blog posts highlighting courses, faculty, and special events
    • Writes blog posts about travel and trip preparation 
    • Writes additional marketing blogs as needed
    • Writes and/or assembles SLIG contributions to Crossroads Magazine
    • Creates copy for course flyers 
    • Creates lead-in copy for social media posts
  • Ensures branding and consistency:
    • Uses images created by SLIG appropriately
    • Reviews materials for branding consistency
  • Proofs materials as needed:
    • Proofs blog posts written by other committee
    • Proofs webpages 
    • Proofs syllabus front matter, student communications
  • Other Responsibilities:
    • Ensures accuracy of communication
    • Attends monthly committee meetings
    • Attends ad hoc marketing meetings
    • In collaboration with others, captures the SLIG experience
Time and Benefits
  • This position is a year-round appointment by the Director, and serves all SLIG programs – SLIG Virtual (fall), SLIG, and the SLIG Academy for Professionals. 
  • Time spent per month will vary, with peak periods running April-May, October-November, and February.
  • Benefits include a pre-reserved seat and waived tuition for a course of choice in SLIG Virtual, SLIG, and SLIG Academy for Professionals. 
  • Must have excellent communication skills, with demonstrated writing and editorial experience. Samples of recent work may be requested. 
  • Must have an intermediate level of research experience or above.
  • Must have previously attended SLIG (January program, in person).
To Submit your Name for Consideration
Questions may be submitted to