Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The 2015 Salt Lake Instititue of Genealogy (SLIG) Provides Advanced Education Opportunities

Christy Fillerup, the SLIG Director, has worked for the past four years to raise the level of education at SLIG to include more advanced-level education. The goal is that every course offered will provide either a high-intermediate or advanced-level education. Each course identifies its level.

SLIG is dedicated to offering niche tracks, which provide an in-depth education on topics not covered comprehensively elsewhere. For 2015, the advanced-level courses being offered are:

* The Family History Law Library (Judy Russell and Rick Sayre)
* From Confusion to Conclusion: Writing Proof Arguments (Kimberly Powell and Harold Henderson)
* Advanced Genealogical Methods (Thomas W. Jones)
* Advanced German (Warren Bittner)
* Diving Deeper into New England (D. Joshua Taylor)
* Advanced Research Tools: Post-War Military Records (Craig R. Scott)
* Genetic Genealogy (Debbie Parker Wayne, CeCe Moore, Blaine Bettinger, and Angie Bush)
* Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum (Angela McGhie)

SLIG is moving to a new venue in 2015, which will allow for larger class sizes. The Salt Lake Hilton will accommodate 30 to 40 seats for each course (depending on the instructor's preference). There is a maximum of 40 students per course as more than that number takes away from the classroom experience. Depending on the course, sometimes 40 may be too many.

If you are looking for a unbeatable educational opportunity, SLIG is for you. Check out the courses at and make your choice today!