Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Open Committee Position: Writer/Editor

SLIG has an open position on the committee for a Writer/Editor. 


  • Creates written articles, blogs, and other communications:
    • Writes blog posts highlighting courses, faculty, and special events
    • Writes blog posts about travel and trip preparation 
    • Writes additional marketing blogs as needed
    • Writes and/or assembles SLIG contributions to Crossroads Magazine
    • Creates copy for course flyers 
    • Creates lead-in copy for social media posts
  • Ensures branding and consistency:
    • Uses images created by SLIG appropriately
    • Reviews materials for branding consistency
  • Proofs materials as needed:
    • Proofs blog posts written by other committee
    • Proofs webpages 
    • Proofs syllabus front matter, student communications
  • Other Responsibilities:
    • Ensures accuracy of communication
    • Attends monthly committee meetings
    • Attends ad hoc marketing meetings
    • In collaboration with others, captures the SLIG experience
Time and Benefits
  • This position is a year-round appointment by the Director, and serves all SLIG programs – SLIG Virtual (fall), SLIG, and the SLIG Academy for Professionals. 
  • Time spent per month will vary, with peak periods running April-May, October-November, and February.
  • Benefits include a pre-reserved seat and waived tuition for a course of choice in SLIG Virtual, SLIG, and SLIG Academy for Professionals. 
  • Must have excellent communication skills, with demonstrated writing and editorial experience. Samples of recent work may be requested. 
  • Must have an intermediate level of research experience or above.
  • Must have previously attended SLIG (January program, in person).
To Submit your Name for Consideration
Questions may be submitted to

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