Friday, February 5, 2021

The Folks Behind the Scenes at SLIG

It takes a village to run a program. Or something like that :) 

These are the folks behind the scenes at SLIG 2021: committee members that work year-round, some who join in the fun for the last few months or weeks, and the on-site tech support team.

Each and every one played a key role in making this year's program a success! As we wrap-up SLIG 2021 and move toward the Academy for Professionals, we need to pause a moment to say


It was a small core group this virtual year:

  • Cinda Baxter, Virtual Technical Coordinator
  • Zachary Hamilton, Registrar
  • Mary Kathryn Kozy, Syllabus Coordinator and Website/Database Manager
  • Cheri Hudson Passey, Marketing

Which was expanded in December and January:

  • Liz Miller, "Gal Friday"
  • Amberly Beck, Photographer
  • Sue Petersen, Hospitality (this year that meant stuffing and labeling and shipping!)
  • Sherri Hessick, Dropbox support

We were also supported by members of the UGA Board:

  • Whitney Tolman, UGA Administrator (year-round keeper of membership and funds)
  • Tristan Tolman, UGA Tech Support Team
  • Gerhard Ruf, UGA Tech Support Team
  • Peggy Lauritzen, UGA Tech Support Team
SLIG would not be SLIG without each one of them passionately caring for the outcome of this educational experience.

Photo above:
Front row, left to right: Peg Ivanyo, Cinda Baxter, Zachary Hamilton, Mary Kathryn Kozy, Cheri Passey
Second row, l to r: Liz Miller, Amberly Beck, Whitney Tolman, Sue Petersen
Third row, l to r: Tristan Tolman, Gerhard Ruf, "Miss Peggy" Lauritzen, Sherri Hessick

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