Friday, March 12, 2021

SLIG and Academy Coordinators to Speak at the NGS Virtual Family History Conference

 The National Genealogical Society Virtual Family History Conference being held May 19-20 will feature some of our SLIG and Academy Coordinators for our upcoming courses for 2021 and 2022.

NGS will feature two days of live sessions plus on-demand options that will begin in the middle of June.

The list of upcoming SLIG and Academy Coordinators who will speak include:

Wednesday, 19 May 2021 LIVE! Sessions:

Thomas W. Jones, PhD, CG, FASG, FUGA, FNGS 

-Writing About and Documenting Genealogical Conclusions Using DNA Test Results

Craig R. Scott, CG, FUGA 

-BCG Skillbuilding: Establishing Identity and Kinship with Military Records

Thursday, 20 May 2021 LIVE! Sessions:

Judy G. Russell JD, CG, CGL 

-Wilde Beasts, Sabbath Breakers, and Incorrigible Rogues: Early Virginia Laws

On-Demand Lectures:

Angela Packer McGhie, CG

 -Strategies for Resolving Conflicting Evidence

-Homestead Records: A Goldmine for Genealogy

-Research Maryland Deeds Online Using and

Karen Mauer Jones, CG, FGBS, FUGA

-Don’t Ignore the Sisters: The Keys to Unlocking Genealogical Mysteries 

Thomas W. Jones, PhD, CG, FASG, FUGA, FNGS

-Building a Case with Scant Evidence

Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL 

 -May I Please Have Your Permission? Using the Work of Others 

 -To protect people who provide DNA samples”: The Ethics of DNA Testing Using DNA

Rick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA

 -Finding Military Records in Published Sources

Craig R. Scott, CG, FUGA

The Pension Office: Getting the Old Men Paid in Virginia 

Karen Stanbary, CG

 -Chasing Opportunity from Bas Rhin to Burlington, Iowa

-Creation of a Meaningful Lump of Wax out of Teeny, Tiny Drips

Congratulations to all the SLIG and Academy Course Coordinators!

Thank you for continuing to serve the genealogy community by providing quality education!

To see the current list of upcoming courses for SLIG and the Academy please visit: 

2021 Virtual Courses

SLIG 2022

Academy 2022

To register for the NGS 2021 Family History Conference to enjoy the presentations from our coordinators please visit:

NGS Family History Coference

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