Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Special Thanks!

Holding an institute in a virtual format is a unique challenge that comes with headaches and triumphs. As SLIG Academy now has wrapped up, we want to thank the woman who has made much of the success of this year's virtual programs possible: Cinda Baxter.

Last year, Cinda joined the SLIG committee as we transitioned to a virtual format and took to her new position and responsibilities with gusto. She elevated the entire SLIG experience with her knowledge and expertise. She dedicated a significant amount of time to make sure that courses were set up correctly, Hive Minders and others received proper technical training, students were outfitted with tools for their success, and the faculty were equipped to teach and deal with technical hiccups.

"Above and beyond" might be the best way to describe Cinda's work. In addition to her regular duties, she posted countless online "Zoom Ziplines" and other helpful tools and continued to innovate throughout the SLIG experience. Her ideas helped bring SLIG to life in this virtual year, and it was such a success.

We can't thank her enough, and we couldn't have had a better virtual coordinator for this year. Thank you for everything Cinda!

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