Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Course Spotlight: Advanced Land Tools: Maps

Have you ever wanted to visualize an ancestor's migration route, get help with locating boundaries, or learn more about the place your family lived? Advanced Land Tools: Maps will offer education on all of these topics and more at SLIG 2022. As the course description reads, "Maps are a useful, essential tool to conduct effective genealogical research." This course provides exciting hands-on opportunities to learn about these research tools and their wide variety of applications.

Experience Maps First-Hand
Under the tutelage of experienced subject experts, this class incorporates more than lectures: it gives you opportunities to practice and learn essential skills. Visits will be taken to local map repositories with opportunities to learn about and use a wide variety of maps and map-based resources. Students also gain knowledge by working with a range of finding aids and learning how to evaluate maps for their value in solving genealogical research problems.

Building Knowledge with Labs
Student experiences in this course are taken even further by hands-on workshops in several computer labs. Through these labs, attendees will discover online resources, learn to plat metes and bounds land descriptions, and utilize technology such as the historic geographic information systems (GIS) to enhance their research capabilities. These unique learning experiences will also teach students how to create their own maps to aid in research.

The full schedule for this course, faculty bios, and course details can be found here.

Join us for SLIG 2022

Held January 9-14, 2022, in Salt Lake City, the 27th annual Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy promises the in-depth, advanced educational opportunities SLIG has become known for. SLIG offers high-intermediate to advanced education and includes courses on methodology, standards, regional or ethnic group research, recordsets, and research tools like DNA. Visit our website to view a full selection of available courses.

Learn more about SLIG 2022. Registration opens on August 14th, 2021, at 10:00 am MDT. Create a registration account today! If you have any questions, please reach out to the UGA registrar:

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