Wednesday, January 12, 2022

SLIG 2022 Sponsor Highlight: MyHeritage

MyHeritage What's New, Power User Tips & Open Q&A 

Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage gave us a fast-paced review of recent updates as well as a sneak peak of what is coming in Wednesday's sponsored presentation. 

Tree Highlights include:

  • Customized tree and improved list views
  • Sharable report views the relationship between any two individuals in the tree 
  • User control over smart match icons and settings
  • Photo list view allows editing of information, sorting, and filtering
  • Consistency checker
 DNA management highlights include:
  • DNA labels (a highly requested item)
  • Managed DNA kit pull-down menu in match view
  • Match filter by relationships, matching ancestral locations, and more
  • Profile list export to Excel for external analysis and management
Daniel also noted that many new records are "coming in from all over the world using transliteration technology to find relatives."

We sincerely appreciate MyHeritage's ongoing support of SLIG through sponsorship and their willingness to come to share updates important to further our research.


Dedicated to genealogy since 1986, Daniel Horowitz is involved in several crowdsource digitization and transcription projects and holds a board-level position at The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA). Since 2006 Daniel has been working at MyHeritage liaising with genealogy societies, bloggers, and media, as well as lecturing, and attending conferences around the world.

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