Wednesday, June 1, 2022

SLIG 2023: Evidence-Based Writing for Genealogists

Are you an intermediate or advanced genealogist looking for help with getting words down on paper? Do you want to write for submission for certification or for publication? Then check out this course!

Evidence-Based Writing for Genealogists, coordinated by Melissa A. Johnson, CG, will help you communicate your thought processes and present evidence in writing. You will learn essential skills to convey complex concepts in genealogical work products, including proof arguments, affidavits, and research reports. The course will focus on meeting the Genealogical Proof Standard and writing in a professional, clear, and concise manner for various audiences.

There are no prerequisites for this course, although the course is recommended for intermediate to advanced genealogists. Some materials will be assigned for reading in advance of the course. Students will be asked to come prepared to begin outlining, strategizing, and writing a small part of their planned written work and bring a writing sample of no more than four pages. The writing sample may be related to the student's own family or another family they have researched. This writing sample will be used in collaborative in-class activities; as a result, students should not use a sample intended for use in the BCG certification portfolio, nor should they use a sample for which they do not have permission to use or that violates the privacy of living individuals. There will be light homework on some evenings.

Faculty includes:

  • Rick Fogarty
  • Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL
  • Karen Stanbary, MA, LCSW, CG
Evidence-Based Writing for Genealogists is scheduled to meet online January 23–27, 2023. All SLIG 2023 courses will be offered virtually this year. (See you in person in Salt Lake City in 2024!)

See the SLIG 2023 Courses web page for more information, including updates.

SLIG 2023 registration opens Saturday, July 16, at 10:00 am MDT.

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