Saturday, June 1, 2024

SLIG 2025: Corpus Juris: Advanced Legal Concepts for Genealogy

Join Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL in her course during SLIG 2025.

This course offers students an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the rich research resources of the law, including those generally available only at law libraries. Students will work with legal records and sources, gaining a better grasp of legal history and its implications for research as well as the skills to find and apply the law to solve genealogical problems. Individual sessions will focus on specific legal disciplines (criminal, civil, probate and the like) and students will have the opportunity to use resources often available only at major law libraries.

Other Instructors

  • LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, JD, LLM, CG, CGL, FASG
  • Forrest R. Hansen, JD
  • Thomas W. Jones, PhD, CG, CGG, FASG, FUGA, FNGS
  • David Mc Donald, DMin
  • Richard G. Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA

Corpus Juris: Advanced Legal Concepts for Genealogy will be held virtually during SLIG week January 27 - 31, 2025.

View the complete course schedule here.

Registration for this course and other SLIG 2024 courses opens at 10:00 a.m. MDT on June 22, 2024.

To prepare for registration, create or login to view your account here

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