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SLIG Spring Virtual 2025: A Century of Change: The Emigrant-Immigrant-Migrant Experience in the U.S., 1825–1925

Join Pamela J. Vittorio, MA, PLCGS in her course during SLIG Spring Virtual 2025.

In the century from 1825 to 1925, our ancestors experienced innovations that had a profound effect on every aspect of their lives. This course explores the emigrant-immigrant-migrant experience during the transportation, industrial, and technological revolutions. Dig into your ancestors’ socio-historical backgrounds and develop a better understanding of the push-pull that brought them to North American shores. Determine how they arranged transatlantic passage, used various transportation methods in the U.S., purchased land, built a house, found work, became a U.S. citizen and a part of their community.

In this course, we will consider the factors that affect a person’s identity, such as language(s), educational background, communication methods, occupations, forms of socialization and entertainment, religious affiliations, and social mobility. In the social history/culture sessions, we discuss family traditions and cultural mores that may or may not be woven into the threads of the American tapestry. We will examine and interpret information from our most frequently-used records (e.g., census, BMDs, immigration records) and correlate them with other less-used record types, such as advertisements, city or farm directories, diaries, journals, business ledgers and receipts, and transportation records—to enrich our ancestors’ stories and place them alongside the people with whom they interacted in their day-to-day lives.

The session lectures and discussions cycle through topics on people and identity, social history and culture, and investigation of a wide variety of record types from which we can extract and weave information into our ancestors’ stories. Every fourth session culminates in tips and techniques for writing a family narrative or case study, and receiving feedback.

Other Instructors
  • Jenifer Kahn Bakkala
  • Alec Ferretti
  • Annette Burke Lyttle, MA, CG

This course will be held on  Mondays, 5:00–9:00 pm MT, 10 February through 14 April 2025.

Registration for this course and other Spring Virtual 2025 courses opens at 2:00 pm MDT on Saturday, June 22, 2024.

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